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    Victor Ramirez

    Hello, I am reaching out to address that I have recently placed some orders through RITUAL, which I now have a discrepancy with. I selected the second VISA card ending in #5170 on file to complete the last two orders I placed through Ritual, however I have just discovered that both orders were placed through the first VISA card ending in #6894.

    The most recent of the last two orders in question took place earlier today. I placed an order with Dunkin Donuts which totaled $3.43. The second of the two orders in question took place on Thursday September 15th, 2016. I placed an order with Red Robin which totaled $5.53.

    These last two orders have now caused me to incur a $37.00 NSF fee for each, which is why I distinctly remember selecting the second VISA #5170 when I placed those orders. I'm not exactly sure why this happened but I would like for both of those transactions to be credited back to the first VISA #6894 and debited from the second VISA #5170.

    I would also like to receive some correspondence about this at my personal email,, as I will need to present the correspondence to my bank so that I can get them to consider waiving both of the NSF fees this has caused. 

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