Rewards / Points System

When you order coffee and lunch at your favourite restaurants on Ritual, you collect points that can then be redeemed for credits - that means free food and drinks at any of our partners!

Ritual members will automatically receive 10 points per every $1 spent on regular purchases on Ritual for coffee and meals. Select partners will offer up to 20x the points on special purchases, keep an eye out for these in the app.

Once you make more than 8 purchases a month, Ritual Elite status will be unlocked and added perks will include 1.5x the points on regular purchases. To maintain Ritual Elite status, you must make 8 or more purchases per month on a rolling basis.

Every 10,000 points collected is redeemable for a $10 Ritual Reward to spend at any partner on Ritual. Points can be redeemed in increments of 10,000. Ritual Rewards can be accumulated.

For more details on the Ritual Rewards program, click here.

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