Cancelling an order

One of the benefits of Ritual is that orders placed are prepared immediately after being accepted. For this reason, orders cannot be cancelled as the restaurant has been notified and food preparation has begun.

In the event of an emergency, we suggest calling the restaurant right away and informing them that you no longer want the order. Then, let us know ( / and we’ll provide you with a refund if the order was cancelled within a reasonable time, and the restaurant did not prepare the order.

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    Victor Ramirez

    Hello, I am reaching out to address that I have recently placed some orders through RITUAL, which I now have a discrepancy with. I selected the second VISA card ending in #5170 on file to complete the last two orders I placed through Ritual, however I have just discovered that both orders were placed through the first VISA card ending in #6894.

    The most recent of the last two orders in question took place earlier today. I placed an order with Dunkin Donuts which totaled $3.43. The second of the two orders in question took place on Thursday September 15th, 2016. I placed an order with Red Robin which totaled $5.53.

    These last two orders have now caused me to incur a $37.00 NSF fee for each, which is why I distinctly remember selecting the second VISA #5170 when I placed those orders. I'm not exactly sure why this happened but I would like for both of those transactions to be credited back to the first VISA #6894 and debited from the second VISA #5170.

    I would also like to receive some correspondence about this at my personal email,, as I will need to present the correspondence to my bank so that I can get them to consider waiving both of the NSF fees this has caused. 

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